In The Arms of the Enemy -- Available at The Wild Rose Press.

Isabella Ricci has pledged her life for the cause – to free Italy from Nazi oppression. Her mission for the Resistance, to seduce a German officer into revealing military secrets, could be deadly. Can she complete her assignment before losing her heart…or her life?

Massimo Baricelli, commander in the Resistance, and Isabella’s ambitious lover, charges her to uncover intelligence that the Allies need to vanquish the Nazis. But can he hold onto his woman while sending her into the arms of another man?

Günter Schumann is handsome, chivalrous, romantic…and a captain in the Army of the Third Reich. When he meets Isabella, he falls for her instantly, never imagining that she is a spy and he her unwitting target. What will he do when forced to choose between love and duty?

How much must be sacrificed for the cause of freedom? Will love survive the cruelest betrayal?

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Before she could make sense of what was happening, the men were there inside the room. She wanted to scream, to flee, but she knew the slightest movement could be her undoing. She shook and her eyes filled with tears. But she discovered that if she concentrated on each breath, her lips tightly sealed, no sounds would escape. Crouched beneath the desk, she pressed her hands and feet against the floor to keep them from knocking against anything.

The two men spoke casually to each other, almost lightheartedly, in contrast to the deadly terror she felt. Though she struggled to comprehend what they were saying, she couldn’t decipher all the words. She thought about reaching for the dictionary that lay by her side, but that was too risky. The Germans had turned on the lights and were walking from desk to desk, apparently looking for something. Oh, God, what if they are looking for the supply log? She considered putting it back in the drawer, but instantly realized how foolish that would be. They’ll find me anyway, if they approach this desk, and I can’t make a move without giving myself away.

Every second was agony, as if death might come at any moment. But she admitted to herself that a swift demise would be easy compared to her fate if discovered. She would face humiliation, torture, and then finally, mercifully, death. The thought made her throat constrict painfully, as if a noose were being tightened around it. Was this what Marco felt when he died? Fear evolved into despondency. Just breathe...slowly, deeply...focus only on that—don’t think about anything else. Concentrate only on breathing.


"Eng pens a suspenseful tale of love, betrayal, desperation and hope with "In The Arms of the Enemy." ... Eng's plot is complex, yet smooth and easy to follow. She brings a rich authenticity to the locale and setting with vivid descriptions that are easy to visualize and don't weigh down the writing." -- 4 Stars, reviewed by Steph Burkhart, "Ezine Articles"

"In the Arms of the Enemy spotlights a side of war that we rarely see in fiction: the choice between betraying your heart or your country. I strongly recommend reading In the Arms of the Enemy. You’ll come away with a better understanding of what courage is all about." -- 4.8 out of 5 Heartbeats Reviewed by Pepper, "Romance in the Backseat" Reviews

"Three-dimensional characters add depth to a captivating plot." -- 4 Stars, reviewed by Donna M. Brown, RT Book Reviews

"This book thrusts you completely into the danger underground life of the Second World War resistance fighters, with characters that don’t just come to life, they leap from the pages. Gripping from cover to cover this story pulls you in and holds you. In the vein of Secret Army and The Enemy at the Door, it’s WW2 drama and romance at its best." -- 5 Teacups and a Recommended Read, reviewed by Clare, "Happily Ever After Reviews"